As well as employment law, our practice also specializes in civil servants law. Civil servants law differs considerably from employment law, in terms of both content and procedures.

There have been many changes affecting the legal position of civil servants in recent years, including changes to the social security system, reorganizations, and so on. This can lead to disputes, and the need for legal assistance.

One important aspect of civil servants law is that decisions at the workplace are always decisions pursuant to the Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht (General Administrative Law Act) and, as such, are subject to time limits for the lodging of notices of objection or appeals. Civil servants can be faced with a barrage of decisions which, if they do not lodge timely notices of objection, will become a fait accompli, leaving those affected to suffer the consequences.

When disputes arise, or appear imminent, it is therefore important to engage the services of a specialized lawyer at an early stage. We can help you to prevent a dispute from escalating, by agreeing a settlement or, if necessary, acting for you in proceedings before the administrative courts.

Our practice has a wealth of experience in employment law, administrative law in general, and civil servants law in particular.


V.M. Weski